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Please send us your favorite trail recipes and we'll share them with the world!

Looking for those tiny bottles of Tabasco like you find in Mil Spec MREs?
They're called "miniatures" and
you can get them online for 50 cents each,
or in gift packs, perfect for your favorite hiker . . .
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Just click the logo, and search for "miniatures" when the page loads.

The Ingredient Store
You know Bill Ames, who writes all those gear reviews and makes those maps?
This is his Dad's company, specializing in BBQ and meat preservation . . .

Barbecue and outdoor cooking forum

MREs - Meal, Ready to Eat
These can be hard to find, but here they are from a reliable source.
Try eBay for mil-spec stuff, it's not legal for the manufacturers to sell.
Click here to order Sopacko MREs